Imagine you’re standing in front of the leaning tower of Pisa in 2017. Notice something? There is a phone in everyones hand. They’re taking pictures for their friends and families back home. They google for information or a place to have lunch. But couldn’t this be done smarter?

This was question that Nils had on his mind when he travelled through Italy in 2017. Nils is the gentleman in the front in the lovely picture of the ValleyFox founders on the right. He actually had a similar idea back when he was a student at Microsoft in 2012 but back then technology could only provide less-than-ideal solutions to his problem.

The other guy is Christian. Christian is the Co-Founder of ValleyFox. He teamed up with Nils because he liked the idea and also because Nils had the technical idea in mind, but was unsure about a fitting business model.

They both studied in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Masters program of the University of Wuppertal. Nils progressed to work in the Innovation and IT-sector while Christian works in Marketing, so that both sides are covered.

Why is our company called ValleyFox? Wuppertal means Valley of the Wupper river and Foxes are cunning and smart, which always helps when you’re embarking on the adventure of building up a company.

…Also Nils‘ hair looks like that of a fox. So everything pretty much came together here.

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