The world at your fingertip

ValleyFox combines three key technologies to make your journey smarter. Geofencing allows us to pinpoint your position and to provide you with the information you need where you need it!

Our self-learning algorithm makes sure that you will only see the info you really want so see. Love architecture? We’ll tell you all about the way a building got as great as it is. History nerd? Let us tell you a story about what exactly makes this POI so interesting!

Augmented-Reality helps us to make your trip memorable for a lifetime. Explore cities and destinations in a way you never experienced before. Dive into historical sites using overlay features. How did the colosseum look before it was partially broken down? How did it feel to stand right before the Berlin Wall? Make time-travel reality with our AR-Travel Guide!

Go local is a feature built around you, the community. Get to know the local hotspots aside of the beaten paths. Want to mingle with the native Viennese in the lesser known coffee houses? Where do you get the best fish and chips in London? With our store-in-store feature you can also earn some money by creating your own tours for our FoxStore!

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